Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I don't have all the skillls I need to handle this blog responsibility, and one of the duties that I haven't gotten my "hands around" is that of listing links to other notable spots. I offer a couple that I think are worth monitoring:

My blogster sister Dash writes at

A rich vein of insights and quotes from the Great Tradition is available from the hand of\ Fr. Alvin Kimel at (He got the name for his blog that I wish I could have claimed. Several friends and foes agree that it would have been more apt as MY handle.)

Camassia writes at

A collection of excerpts from really important Eastern Orthodox literature (not a blog) is available (thanks to John Burnett) at (This stuff will keep you reading and thinking for years!)

There'll be a lot more to come, but begin with these. Append your preferences and suggestions.


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