Wednesday, December 08, 2004

An Advent blessing

I am a great fan of the Bruderhof brothers and sisters. These "anabaptist" martyrs, by the earnestness and sacrifice of their witness and by their phenomenal publishing efforts (not available most only in electronic format), never fail to bring me up short and to impress on me the meaning of faith and, surprisingly for a so-called "non-liturgical" tradition, of the importance of the Church's calendar. Consequently, I subscribe for their daily e-mail devotional message and usually end up following links for a good half-hour or so after reflecting on it.

Today I was brought up short by the absolute beauty, elegance, eloquence, and truth of one of the reflections to which the "Daily Dig" led me, and I share the link here with you. Please accept it as my Advent blessing on you and let me know how it affected you. My dear Sister Dash, here, once referred her readers to something she called "pure poetry." I would copy her, but instead prefer to say, Here is truth -- perhaps not the whole truth and perhaps not nothing but the truth, but truth nonetheless.

Happy reading.

Here's the link to a meditation by David James Duncan, courtesy of the Bruderhof. In case that doesn't work, try this:

All blessings for this Advent season. Watch, wait, Our King comes.

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Anonymous said...

I, for one, liked this piece by Duncan. I most especially liked the section on "wonder", particularly these lines:
"As a facial expression, wonder is the letter O our eyes and mouths make when the state itself descends. O: God's middle initial. O: a word in itself, to the poets of devotion. O: because wonder has Opened us."

'God's middle initial' - that's good!

Thanks for sharing!