Monday, May 09, 2005

A new blog: A recommendation

There is a new kid on the blog block: Olde Cheshire Cheese (you'll have to ask them the origin of the name. when I first tried finding the blog, I was continually referred to pubs in Britain; that may be the source, but I refuse to speculate.) You may check in on it here.

The blog is a group blog (shades of The Thinklings), and I know one -- and probably eventually two -- of the group. The first poster is among my dearest friends, brothers in the faith, confidant, and more besides. I am, thus, biased in predicting that the blog (which will be ecumenical in scope) will be a good one to keep track of. Still, since it's my behind on the line here, I wouldn't lead you astray.

Welcome to blogdom, Olde Cheshire Cheese; best of wishes, Brother James.


45643647 said...

It doesn't seem like many people know about these Google Blogger. I wanted to give you a comment just because it doesn't look likke you have many besides.

Maurice Frontz said...

Ouch, Dwight, a "pity comment!"

I don't know whether you ought to pleased or insulted!

"I asked you to dance because no one else seems to think you worth noticing."

Pretty cheeky, if you ask me.

Don't let it bug you. I like you no matter if no one else does.

Maurice Frontz said...

OK - I did some more research. Judging from his own blog history, he thinks you get no comments because you're not on Xanga or Myspace, and he is trying to spread Blogger Love.

You can rest easy now.


Maurice Frontz said...

And he can, too, because now you've got 4 comments!

Maurice Frontz said...

Count them. Four. Five.

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