Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Judicial Temperament

Because he's a lawyer (now Supreme Court justice -- eek!) and a professing Christian, Antonin Scalia is fair game for this blog.

Here's an example (the latest of many) on the justice's judicial temperament.

I guess he has settled it with noble and pristine logic. It is now beyond dispute: I (along with millions of others, I add in self-defense) am an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

There is a way the Constitution "lives & breathes." It's called the amendment process, and it is outlined in the Constitution! When judges & lawyers sit around, dreaming up words they believe should exisit between the lines, AKA letting the Constiution "live & breath," they are seriously endagering the document! If it is always changing according to society, or more likely what a judge belivies is good for society, it is worthless!

The thing was written to protect "the people" from a potentially oppressive government. If 5 out of 9 judges, who are working in the interest of a branch of government, can decide What the bloody thing says, there is NO protection!

The whole point of the Constitiution is not to grant rights, but to limit the government's ability to suppress our natural rights granted to us by our Creator.

I would't call the people who don't understand this "idots", but I would say they were either misleading or mislead.