Thursday, July 20, 2006

For those of you interested in the Desert Fathers and Mothers, in "ascesis," in spirituality (at least of the early, desert variety), comes this interview with my friend John Chryssavgis. It's very short, but perhaps it will tease enough that you will read his books. (Beyond the Shattered Image continues to inspire, haunt, and instruct me. Heart of the Desert is worth every penny.)

As I understand Zenit: It's a kind of unofficial press voice for the Vatican -- all things Vatican all the time. But it's not the official press office. They provide daily updates on things papal. It's a cool site.

One contrarian note, however: I am a great proponent of the serial comma. (You know: When there are three or more items or phrases in a row, there should be a comma between the last and the penultimate items in the list.) Zenit is not and look what happens: "Author of several books, husband and father of two, Doctor Chryssavgis ... ." For the lack of a comma Fr. John is made the husband AND father of two [sons] -- a moral and theological, if not biological, impossibility (especially -- ? -- since his offspring are sons). See? Rules matter!


Troy said...

I was just reading about the desert fathers! I find a lot of wisdom and possiblity in their examples and sayings, so different than what I was taught they were as a young Fundamentalist (e.g., demonic, proto-New Age mystics).

Related to Scetis, etc.:

I hope that you and your wonderful family (and loopy puppy) are well.


*Christopher said...


I am rereading Heart of the Desert as holy reading after my morning devotions. I continually find this book a moving one. I didn't know about this new work by the good Fr. Thanks.