Friday, August 04, 2006

"Books, Not Bombs" for Lebanon Campaign

I simply cannot begin to write about the Israeli-Hezbollah disaster. I sweat bullets over it, but if I begin to speak, I will not be able to stop -- and my reputation as a knee-jerk hot head will only be enhanced.

One thing I cannot overlook, however, and to which I ask your attention is an approach to salving the incredible scarring inflicted on the children of Lebanon. "Faithful America" is sponsoring a campaign to provide school supplies to Lebanese children -- you know, the ones whom cowardly Hezbollah hides behind from Israel's retribution and through whose bodies war-criminal Israel shoots to try to take Hezbollah out. Here is their site for making contributions to the effort: FaithfulAmerica . And here is a cooperative site with Church World Service that tells how to make your own or buy through that organization: CWS .

Surely we can dip into our "luxury accounts" and help a little.


Anonymous said...

Cowards hide behind children to prevent retribution from occuring. War criminals force children to remain where they know retibution will be wroght, so they will have pictures of dead babies to show the Western Media. They know our media will show this to the compasionate people of the West, & we respond by condemning Israel for defending itself; It is called propaganda.

Do you suggest Israel let her children be slaughtered, as to avoid harming the unfortunate children being held hostage at Hizbullah weapons dumps and rocket launching sites?

Israel is not dealing with cowards; Israel is dealing with evil. We contended with evil 60 years ago, how many children were killed as a result? Perhaps we should have let the Axis Powers do their will so we could avoid having to kill innocent children?

The charity you've linked to says it aims for a just world. Is it just to let people who want nothing more than your destruction or subjugation to hunt you down?

Dwight P. said...

Yours is an irrational rant, but I'll leave it up nevertheless.

I think I have already indicated that Hezobollah is evil and has none of my sympathy. By the same token, if they hide behind children, then it is the faithful thing -- whether Jew, Muslim, or Christian -- to let them hide so as to protect the children. So-called Self-defense is finally the excuse for most, if not all, violence. And the claim is most often false.

For its part, Israel's hands are far from clearn. On occasion those dead babies you ridicule are dead because Israel told innocent people to leave an area and then bombed the cars that were hurrying away. That is neither self-defense nor defensible under any civilized standard of war.

I frankly do not know how to measure the claim that Israel is being "hunted down." That she is hated and has been under attack seems clear to me. That she is a mere innocent is completely false -- as any kind of objective look at her treatment of the Palestinians reveals. That she has a right to exist has, I suppose, been established. That she has the right to determine the right to exist of another nation, as she does with respect to Lebanon and Palestine, has not been.

Your conclusion baffles me. It highlights, I think, an inablility to distinguish among guilty and innocent that horrifies me -- and the many whom you parrot.

Anonymous said...

I do not parrot, well at the very least, no more than you do; nor do I irrationally rant. You called Hezballlah "cowards", and Israel "war criminals". You refer to neither as evil. However, I personally would rather be a coward than a war criminal, & I bet you would too.