Saturday, March 01, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Moved!

OK, you have simply got to check this out: St. Patrick's Day is my birthday, so I'm partial to the good saint, even though I only have about 16 Irish platelets in my blood (and that thanks to my Icelandic forebears, from whom I claim my Lutheran heritage, having been baptized by a pastor of the Icelandic Church). And since I abhor snakes, his feast is even more significant for me.

And I have been troubled that I must forgo celebration of the day this year because it falls on Monday of Holy Week. (There's something a wee bit inappropriate about whooping it up during that week! But that's not to say that I won't treat it as a movable feast. There's more partying appropriate to Easter.)

But leave it to me Irish-Catholic very-distant-relatives to have different priorities. For the details, check out this link.

Notice, please, that this fits the general scope of this blog in that it involves the intersection of the liturgical life of faith and life in the world.

And may God have mercy on us all.

Sure and ...


Pastor Zip said...

Gee, Dwight. My birthday is St. Patrick's Day. And my twice-great-grandmother was actually born in Dublin. But, being Scots, if there was a drop o' Irish blood in her, she'd squeeze it oot.

Here in Peoria, Bishop Jenky (formerly Auxiliary Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend), has also move St. Patrick's Day to March 14 and, due to this solemnity, lifted the obligation to abstain from meat.

Of course, when it fell on a Friday in Lent a couple of years ago, I satisfied everyone by having a nice salmon steak for my birthday dinner.

Dwight P. said...

How can we not have know this after all this time, Steven? Well, in anticipation of the day, Happy Natal Feast! (Did your baptism follow shortly thereafter? Mine was delayed until July.)Because of Holy Week, I may have to celebrate early -- or wait until Eastertide for a really jolly time. I'm not sure about foregoing my Guinness Stout on Monday, however. How about you?

Pastor Zip said...

For some reason my baptism wasn't until September -- this back in the Good Old Days when there was a baptism or 2 almost every Sunday, usually (like mine) after the Sunday service.

A Guinness happens only if someone takes me out for dinner. Monday of Holy Week? Not very likely.