Thursday, January 20, 2005

A new Blog on the Block

For thirteen years, I have enjoyed, every month (with only one or two exceptions), the fellowship of a small group of people around my congregation (some members, some friends of the congregation) in what we call (aptly, I think, since I named the group) "Theological Discussion." As you might suspect, we read significant works of theological import (old and new, books and articles, mainline and fringe, light and ponderous) and carry on an old style conversation -- usually about the work, but freely enough flowing to get us almost anywhere. Members have come and gone, but the core of the group has stayed solid and that continuity has made it possible for us to develop a deep enough friendship that we can welcome newcomers (admittedly, brave newcomers) as members of the family. I have enjoyed immensely the influence of this group on my understanding of various aspects of theology and church history (and ...) as well as on the growth of my own faith.

Well, thanks to the initiative of one of our newer members, Theological Discussion now has its own blog. (I'm not sure how I feel about the competition, but that's another matter.) There, the members of Theological Discussion (whom the blogmistress has dubbed "the Thinklings") can anticipate and follow up on discussions of the most recent (or other related) work. And, even more exciting, people who cannot make the trek from Seattle or Ohio or New York for our monthly get-together get to comment and question and participate in the discussions.

Consider this your formal invitation to check out our new blog. Your observations, contradictions, corrections, and questions are always welcome. Because it is a group blog, you may inspire more than you intend -- but isn't that the great joy of theological discussion? It certainly has been for me.

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