Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not Even a Thought

Today, I can't think, so I'll spare y'all and me the ditherings that would come through my fingers. Instead, check out this site, Overhead in Minneapolis. This is one of whole chain of "Overheard" sites. In case you don't know them, in each area represented, people simply post really stupid or funny or perplexing things they overhear while they're on the bus, in their work cubes, on the street. And then we get to laugh our heads off (at least some times), thinking how superior we are to the people who were overheard. (OK, I slipped out of the Jesus paradigm there, but come on ... .)

Sensitivity alert: There's a lot of crass language every day, so if that offends you, skip it. Otherwise, check it out every other day or so. And also check out some of the others. Today's Overheard in Chicago has some pretty funny ones, too.

Peace with humor, y'all.

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