Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Book of Daniel: Update

I do not intend to keep a running diary-entry thing on NBC's The Book of Daniel. But since I have begun, I should make this new note: Episode Three casts even more doubt on the reliability and quality of this series. I considered Friday's episode a lost hour, and it won't take much to lure me back to reading my novel or watching Numb3rs.

Any comments?


Daniel S. said...

I too, as much as I appreciate the presence of formal episcopalians represetned on the TeeVee in full regalia, lament that the series lacks something to hold my interest. Maybe one-dimensional, one-trick characters, and a percieved lack of an interesting plot is what does it. I watched last week for the first time(was that episode 2 or 3?) and felt that it doesn't hold a candle to Desperate Housewives for the scandle and intrigue. It doesn't hold up to My Name is Earl for comic ingenuity, and it doesn't hold up to The Vicar of Dibley for an accurate presentation of churchly life. I mean come on, the "choir," apart from the vestment lockers and what looked to be a Hymnal '82, were way off the mark. The full church? Well dressed WASPs all filled in up to the front row? I watched 5 minutes of the Vicar two nights ago and they had a real authentic wheazy old english organ played by a wheazy old lady and 6 people in the pews singing authentic Anglican hymns. Now that is real.

Alas, Hollywood will never get the churchly life right enough to mock/comment on it for my tastes.

OH, and the Jesus character is so comically outfitted as to look like a hastily costumed/bearded characted from Saturday Night Live. (Think Phil Hartman doing Jesus in the 90's)

Enough already,


Johann Cornelius said...

If you haven't already seen it, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington is now sponsoring a blog related to The Book of Daniel: http://blog.edow.org/weblog/